New 6.5 tonne Low headroom Waterbags


As a lot of devices with a an SWL of 5t require either 5500 or 6250 kg test load, Water Weights now added a new type waterbag in our rental fleet. Previously only a 10t Standard bag or a 12.5t low headroom bags could be used for these kinds of tests. To solve this Water Weights Europe has extended their range of water bags with a new type, a 6,5 tonne Low headroom waterbag.

With an approximate height of 3.5 meter, and a diameter of approx 2.6 meter, the new design offers much more flexibility for load tests up to 6.5t were the height is restricted. Currently we have two bags of this new type in our NL rental stock, but in the future more will follow.

Water Weights 6.5 tonne Low headroom waterbag

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