Years of experience in load measuring equipment.

Water Weights has extensive expertise and experience in the field of load and strain measurement. 

We stock a large quantity of standard and non standard load and strain measurement equipment up to 800 tonnes both for tension and compression measuring. The standard load measuring devices achieve accuracies of 1% or better.

A comprehensive range of products to suit all applications is available for hire or sale.

  • Load Cell Shackles and Load Links 1.5t up to 800t
  • Compression Load cells
  • Calibrated Flowmeters - alternative mechanical load measurement
  • Running line tensionmeters - constant load reading on running lines
  • Datalogging, advanced measuring etc.

Standard Load Measuring

Standard load measuring products include portable load links (wired and telemetry) and load measuring shackles (wired and telemetry). Both are available for rent (up to 800 tonne) and sale (unlimited). Download catalog for more information.

Other Load Measuring

Water Weights also stocks a wide range of other load measuring equipment in our rental fleet, running line tension meters, compression load cells etc. Datalogging, winch monitoring and other options are available. If you require to purchase any type of standard or bespoke load measurement solutions - just ask what we can do for you. Download catalog for more information.